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Ducks Stormin Abigail (Abby)

Sire:Wildrose Irish Spring Cody
Dam: Yankee Ridge Miss Duffy CD SH
Whelped: June 30, 2009
Eye CERF LR-361703 (11)
Hips OFA excellent LR-19439E25F-VPI
Elbows OFA normal LR-EL52081F25-VPI
EIC clear

This is a picture of Abby in the summer of 2010
 We have hunted pheasants with Abby and have trained her with live ducks.  Abby has always been very eager to please and a joy to train.  She has been a wonderful companion and joy to have around.

They boys and I had a nice hunt during the Thanksgiving Holiday of 2013 



 Wildrose Irish Spring Cody  SH


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 CPR HR Yankee Ridge Miss Duffy  CD, JH, SH      
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