Rocky Ridge Retrievers

About 16 years ago I wanted a dog to hunt and my kids wanted a dog to play with.  So we did a lot of looking around and settled on a Black Labrador Retriever by the name of Bee.  She became a wonderful pet, hunting companion and all-around good dog. A few years later we bred her and raised our first litter of lab puppies.  Out of that first litter we kept a yellow female "Tiny." 
I spent hours with Tiny using Richard Wolters training techniques and ended up with a dog that the whole family loved.  We did some hunting with Tiny spent a lot of time with her hiking and raised a few litters out of her.  She didn't have any exceptional breeding, but was a lot of fun to be around.
In 2009 as she was getting old and had developed cancer we knew that the time was coming that we would have to put her down.  So I began to look around for a dog that would replace her.  This time around I wanted a very well bred dog, a dog that I could hunt and I wanted a dog that the whole family would enjoy.  I also didn't want a dog that was going to be 100 lbs and get tired quickly. So I decided that I wanted a dog with British breeding.
At the same time my nephew Chris Miller was looking for a well bred puppy that could be used for hunting. He too wanted a British bred dog because of their known quality temperment.  He purchased "Bumper" and a few weeks later I had "Abby". 
Chris and I have spent countless hours working, training and just spending time with these two dogs.  They both have wonderful dispositions.  They love to retrieve, both in the water and on dry land.  They both have exceptional breeding  and so we decided to raise a litter of puppies out of them. 
I believe that you will find these puppies to be exceptional dogs.  Dogs that are both great hunters and great companions for whatever you want to do with them.
Their parents both have OFA certified hips and elbows.  They are EIC clear and are CERF clear. 
If you have any questions feel free to call. 
Glenn Coblentz
Cell 330-231-0996
Chris Miller
Cell 330-231-1816


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