Rocky Ridge Retrievers

This is Benelli from Abby and Bumper's litter in 2012

Hey Chris,

Hope all is well, just wanted to let you know that Benelli (the dark yellow male from March) is doing great! Also he is hands down the best dog I have ever owned so again thanks so much. Training is going great and he is improving everyday. I have attached a couple pictures that I took July 4th of him swimming so you could see how he is turning out. Again, just wanted to say thank you and hope your summer is going well!


This is Bella from Abby and Bumper's 2012 litter

Good afternoon, Glenn.


Today is Bella's first birthday and I wanted to give you an update on her. As you'll see on the picture taken this morning, she looks a lot like Abby. I think her coat is darker, more similar to Bumper's (not quite as dark as his). She weighs 55lbs.


I can't even begin to tell you how awesome she is!  She is truly the joy of our lives. She loves the water, snow and just about everything in between. 


Thanks again for talking me into coming out to see the puppies last spring. You did a fantastic job!!!





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