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We all want a dog that we can do anything with and take everywhere with us.  One that is obedient, easy to handle, and great to be around.  At Ridge Road we specialize in raising and training a great all around companion.  Whether your looking for a hunting retriever, family companion, or a dog to enjoy the outdoors with we strive to help develop whatever you desire. 

 Dogs desire leadership and we use this to help develop a loyal companion.  Our program is based on developing a relationship with your dog where he wants to please his master.  




Level 1 Training is our Puppy Program.  We have a growing number of clients who want a puppy, without having to do all the dirty work that comes with it.  If you love the puppy breath, but hate the sleepless nights, the potty training, and the chewing on everything in site, this is the program for you!

Every Level 1 Puppy is trained to its owners specific needs, the length and depth of the training is up to you.    No more worrying if he is going to jump on company, or blast through the front door as soon as you open it, or jerking at the end of the leash as you try to take a walk.  With this training we want to be able to lay a foundation for your puppy that you will transfer over to their long happy lives with you.  Our goal is to create the best companion you will ever have.

 A typical training cycle goes as follows:

  • Puppy moved from kennel environment to home
  • Sleeps though the night
  • Begin Potty Training and Crate Training
  • Begin Socialization - children, cats, horses, car rides, grooming, swimming
  • Learning not to jump or bite
  • Sit, Stay, Place, Walk on leash (at side), and Come when called


  • Potty Trained
  • Crate Trained
  • Continue Heal on Leash
  • Begin Working Off Leash
  • Begin Retrieving Work
  • A more solid and dependable understanding of all commands
  • Will go to designated "Place" for prolonged stays
  • More Socializing


At this point in the training, all expectations (for the most part) have been introduced to your puppy.  All the training we do moving forward is to reinforce the behaviors and expectations we have introduced, and have your puppy become more and more dependable to them.  At first, your puppy will understand what is being asked of them, they just might not always do it.  Training is like grooves in a piece of  wood.  The first four weeks of training lay the initial grooves, its the repetition, and consistency of the training, moving forward, that make the grooves deeper and deeper.  The deeper the grooves, the more solid and dependable the training is. 
  • Deeper understanding of all commands and expectations
  • Off leash manners
  • Further Retrieving Work
  • More Socializing
Carrie Smith
The Proper Dog

LEVEL 2 - Gundog Training

  Our main goal with this program is to develop a great hunting companion.  One that is super quiet in the duck blind but loves to retrieve.  We train delivery to hand, marking, multiple marks (doubles, triples), and basic handling.  We spend a lot of time trying to develop a very controlled gundog that is calm and quite. 
Dogs desire leadership.  They want someone who will lead them.  As we develop a bond with them they live to please us because its where they find joy. Just like our dogs we desire the same thing.  We want to be led and our hearts are in constant need of being satisfied.  Only the Lord can satisfy our hearts fully.
Ps. 16:11 - In your presence there is fullness of joy at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. 
Chris Miller
Sugarcreek, OH 44681


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