Rocky Ridge Retrievers


Ridge Road Pepper

Sire:PPD Leap of Faith (Bumper)
Dam: Wild Springs Little Cricket (Cricket)
Whelped: Feb 15, 2012

 OFA Eye cert, Hips and Elbow info

LR-208400G25F-VPI HIPS Apr 3 2014 Apr 24 2014 25 GOOD
LR-EL62779F25-VPI ELBOW Apr 3 2014 Apr 24 2014 25 NORMAL
LR-EYE4012/28F-VPI EYES Jun 17 2014 Jun 26 2014 28 NORMAL

Pepper is a wonderful dog with lots of drive and very calm demeaner.  She was used as a therapy dog for a senior man for a while when she was younger.  She loves to retrieve and is a great companion.  She is out of Bumper and Cricket so we raised her and raised her parents and love the disposition.
Abby and Pepper
This is a picture of Abby and Pepper.



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 PPD Leap of Faith (Bumper)


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FTW Silversnipe Glory
Wildwind Charlie of Wildrose 
Wildrose Irish Spring Cody
Wildrose I Emma Toe Short


 Wild Springs Little Cricket (Cricket)

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